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Why Writing a Love Story Is a Great Experience for Parents

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When I was younger I never thought I'd write a novel specifically aimed at telling a love story. I grew up reading mainly books by Modernist writers like William Faulkner and Ernest Hemingway. I thought that for a novel to be "great literature" it had to explore serious topics like race, war, and abuse. Writing about love sounded so easy ...
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Debutante Ball Interview

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Get to Know Travis Neighbor Ward Better with this Up-close discussion.I'm excited about the interview with me that author Colleen Oakley published today on The Debutante Ball, a great website she hosts with four other talented authors. (Colleen's debut novel, Before I Go, was published in February 2015.) In the interview I talk about my journey through the traditional book publishing world, tips ...
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Writing Characters – Motivations

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Knowing your characters' motivations before you write means that you will create a more convincing story and you will enjoy the writing process a lot more. Before I begin writing a novel or short story, I spend time doing this, as well as making character biographies, among other things. To find out seven things you should ask yourself about all ...