In 2020, I started a screenwriting partnership with Lisa Combs Jern to create original TV scripts and feature-length screenplays. We're inspired by a balance of compelling action and rich character development, and share a love of dramedy, family and crime shows, character dramas, and psychological thrillers. Basically after months of screaming with laughter over darkly funny tales, we decided it was time to share those stories with the world. We're also avid researchers—I'm a former magazine editor-in-chief and she's a former trial lawyer. Never a dull day in our writers room! Read more below.


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Konnectology Screenplay

KONNECTOLOGY is a serialized, half-hour TV dramedy set in Atlanta. The offbeat cofounders of a small data broker company must navigate their close friendship, quirky staff, and the crazy world of selling people’s unlimited private data, all while battling their arrogant rival’s sneaky attacks.

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